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April 09 2013


north face phoenix 2 Cast Iron Tenting Recipes - Cooking with Solid Iron Skillets

Cooking Campfire Recipes with Solid Iron Cookware Sets

The Cast Iron Skillet

Ask any veteran campfire cook dinner and they'll show you their preferred campfire recipes are pretty much usually cooked with seasoned castiron cookware; and many with the time it truly is a forged iron skillet, (Lodge will make an excellent one), Dutch oven, and even forged iron griddles.

They will also inform you they prefer camp foods cooked having an open-flame wooden cooking campfire , (not a propane campfire), and its coals, or charcoal briquettes. The flame and smoke from the good hardwood campfire appears to insert "something special" towards the taste of any camp food items you make.

Of training course you can still get very good outcomes employing a propane campfire, or perhaps a liquid fuel camp cook-stove, (open up flame campfires will not be constantly authorized or available), but you can find however something particular about a wood cooking campfire. *(do not forget about campfire safety, continue to keep it confined into the campfire ring when you've got a person)

Camp recipes vary from the very standard “meat and potatoes” kind, to extra challenging “fancy” delicacies owning 3 or 4 programs and unique seasonings. With all the few exceptions of recipes that call for specialized cooking devices, any recipe you'll be able to make inside of a kitchen area may be cooked working with campfire cookware. It s all nearly the cook s north face phoenix 2 backpackedhome.com abilities.

Basic Campfire Meals and Cooking Techniques

The essentials in tenting cookware and recipes:

A superior forged iron skillet can be a camp cook s most versatile and oft-used piece of campfire cookware. It can be one among your campfire equipment you will use for anything from bacon and eggs at breakfast, and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, to your meat and potatoes combo for meal. Insert a fantastic lid to that skillet and you simply may even make some pretty good stews and deserts as well.

If you're looking to buy castiron cookware, this link to Lodge Logic Cast Iron Cookware can help. (nearly all of the merchandise will qualify free of charge shipping and delivery)

You might also see a video on how-to seasoning your solid iron cookware here. (just make use of your back-arrow to return)

It may not seem that good campfire meals like breakfast would wish a lot while in the means of a recipe, but several of the concoctions I ve observed, applying a combination of hash browns, a meat, (bacon, ham, and sausage or game), peppers, onions, and spices, surely used recipes ... as well as skills of the fantastic camp cook.

(ps. bear in mind, we are working with actual camp cookware here, not that fairly enameled forged iron cookware like mother experienced)

Basic Camp Breakfasts along with your Skillet

Waking to the odor of campfire smoke and bacon frying inside of a skillet is among the thrill of tenting. The smoke, the sizzle, the aroma, is there a much better solution to wake up? Ahead of it is possible to even get away from your sleeping bag, or get that to start with cup of espresso, your urge for food is declaring, “Feed Me!”, but pretty much as good for a bacon or sausage and eggs breakfast is often, just hold out right up until you try a few of these breakfast combos. (can not get that good smokey aroma from a propane  campfire are you able to)

Campfire Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast Scramble

Best when prepared in the forged iron skillet

Serves four six (quickly doubled for additional campers)


  • ½ lb. bacon ( 6 8 strips)
  • 1 lb. sausage patties are best
  • 2 cups hash browns fresh new or frozen
  • 1 ½ cup Sharp Cheddar cheese shredded is very best, crumbled will work
  • 6 significant eggs
  • 1 huge onion Spanish yellow is ideal, but Sweet performs too
  • Optional 1 little inexperienced pepper diced
  • ½ adhere butter (four tbsp)
  • Salt & Pepper (to flavor)


  • If not already, form sausage into patties
  • Dice onion into ½ inch cubes/pieces
  • Mix eggs, salt & pepper (to flavor) into a scramble mix


  1. cook sausage and bacon until finally crisp and well done, set aside
  2. drain away meat s cooking grease, except for just enough to cover bottom of skillet
  3. cook hash browns till pretty much crispy, stirring frequently
  4. stir in onion chunks, (and environmentally friendly pepper if made use of) and crumbled or quartered sausage patties
  5. cook until eventually onions are soft about 5 minutes
  6. stir in eggs, prepare dinner & stir entire mixture until finally eggs are done (looks like scrambled eggs)
  7. stir in one cup cheese, and butter (sliced into chunks)
  8. crumble bacon strips, then sprinkle bacon crumbles and remaining cheese over top of skillet contents do not stir or mix!
  9. cover and simmer just right up until sprinkled cheese is melted

You re done! Greatest served in the skillet on the table-top where your camper s can see the end result prior to diving in, but if not eating around a common table, just spoon onto plates. (the campfire song about your amazing talent will come later ... after dinner)

American Tenting Ingenuity

This online video is terrific. It really is not about our solid iron skillet recipes, but I think you'll enjoy seeing some authentic tenting ingenuity put to use for a quick and easy camp breakfast. I bet you might end up trying these on your next camping trip, just to impress your friends together with your ingenuity when you show them how to cook camp foods with Ziplock baggies.

(just hope they haven't seen the same online video)

Campfire Lunches

For most campers, lunch is the quickest and simplest meal of your day, not a meal that can make you think of campfire foods. Camping activities usually make this a “grab what you can” meal. That usually means sandwiches, cold or grilled, and an apple or orange, but there are camp recipes for lunch if you are a really dedicated camp prepare dinner. Just don t make a big deal of this meal if a lot of your campers have a full day of scheduled activities or things they came to do from the initially place. (they might even be attending a campfire protection or map reading class)

Campfire Lunch Recipe - Mexican Skillet Pizza

Campfire Meals - Mexican Skillet Pizza

Again, applying your trusty Lodge Logic solid iron skillet with lid

Serves 4 -6 (cannot be doubled, you ll just have to repeat it for more campers)


  • 2 packages Crescent roll dough
  • 1 cup chunky salsa, (mild-medium-hot, your choice)
  • 2 cups pizza sauce (16oz)
  • 1 ½ - pounds ground meat (hamburger or turkey)
  • 8oz shredded cheddar cheese
  • 8oz shredded Mozzarella cheese
  • two tbsp oregano


  1. brown ground meat and drain off cooking grease
  2. stir in salsa, 1 tbsp oregano, heat 3 4 minutes, then remove mixture and set aside
  3. wipe out your skillet bottom leaving just a light coating of cooking grease
  4. cover bottom of skillet, and approx. 1” up the sides of skillet while using the Crescent roll dough, discard any leftover dough
  5. spread one cup pizza sauce over crescent roll dough
  6. add ground meat & salsa mix and spread smooth
  7. pour over rest of pizza sauce
  8. mix the cheddar and mozzarella cheeses and cover the skillet mixture, sprinkle remaining oregano over top cheese

Very Important: next steps must be cooked over low campfire coals north face phoenix 2 for a slow heat. Skillet should not sit directly on coals, use your solid iron grill should you have one particular.

Cook: Cover skillet with lid and cook approx. 20 30 minutes. Rotate skillet ½ turn after ten minutes. Check crust on sides after 20 minutes. Cook dinner right up until side crusts start to brown on top edges.

Skillet Evening meal Favorites Campfire Food for Tummies

This is one of the campfire foods that really count. Your campers have experienced a full day of activities. They re tired from hunting, fishing, hiking, climbing, or just playing, (big kids much too), and since late afternoon all they have been thinking about is getting back to camp, getting some good food, and kicking back again and relaxing. This is the meal that will elevate you to your status of genius, expert, world s most effective cook, or, the bum that will never be permitted around the camp kitchen again, except to wash the pots and pans. (they might even make you the a single that has to carry those heavy cast iron cookware sets)

Camp supper time is also the beginning of what many campers know to be the greatest time in the evening. The time when you re relaxing after a hard day s activities, enjoying the campfire and company within your fellow campers, telling those scary campfire stories, singing a campfire song, socializing and just soaking up the whole tenting experience. With a little planning the camp cook dinner doesn t have to be left outside of this, slaving over meal while everyone else has a good time.

A one-skillet combo meal is just what s needed. With a little mid-afternoon pre-prep you can make a camp evening meal that you simply just have to put on the coals to simmer-cook while you join the others, experiencing the great times that make tenting so enjoyable. (yes, you even get to join in that campfire song)

Once More… a Cast Iron Skillet Camp Recipe Masterpiece

Beef and Potato Combo

Serves 6 10 (effortlessly doubled with a big enough skillet, or two)


  • 2 - pounds cubed beef (insert ½ to one pound much more for hearty campers)
  • 4 huge potatoes
  • 1 significant sweet potato
  • 1 medium eco-friendly pepper
  • 1 medium red pepper
  • 1 large onion, Spanish is ideal, yellow will work
  • 1 pack powdered Au Jus gravy mix
  • 1 - pack Brown gravy mix ( or jar ready-made brown gravy)
  • Salt & pepper to flavor, most effective with lots of pepper

Mid-afternoon pre-preparation: (*only needed to save meal cooking time)

  1. mix Au Jus mix with two cups water
  2. brown beef cubes, then include approx. ½ liquid Au Jus mixture and simmer about 10 minutes.
  3. remove combination from skillet and set aside
  4. wash potatoes but do not peel them, then slice all potatoes into approx. ½ inch thick slices
  5. cut the sweet potato slices into quarters
  6. clean out peppers and slice into ½ ” x 2” slices
  7. dice onion into 1/2'” chunks
  8. dump all prepared vegetables into your cleaned skillet and increase the last ½ of the Au Jus mix, salt & pepper to style, (recall, greatest if heavy on the pepper), stir it all together to mix.
  9. Cover and set aside. You re ready to cook dinner it later.

Dinner Preparation:

  1. place skillet over a medium bed of coals, and prepare dinner 5 10 minutes, (until liquid gets hot) stirring to mix Au Jus liquid with vegetables.
  2. add beef cubes as well as reserved Au Jus mix from browning, stir all the things together, cover and slow-cook over medium to low coals.
  3. *if utilizing powdered brown gravy mix, make your gravy inside of a separate pot while above mixture is cooking.
  4. join your tenting buddies, just pop-up to stir the skillet contents every 10 minutes or so
  5. cook approx. 20 minutes for el-dente vegetables, or 30 40 minutes for well-done vegetables
  6. pour brown gravy over combination a lightly stir in
  7. you re done! Pop it on the table or serving plates and enjoy some great campfire food.

Print this recipe: Microsoft Word Doc or PDF file

Campfire Cooking Demonstrations

The videos on the right show some tips, tricks, and procedures of experienced camp cooks applying solid iron cookware. *notice they're not utilizing any of those enameled forged iron cookware sets)

As you are going to see, all the Dutch oven cooking is not done over a campfire or campfire coals. Charcoal briquettes are frequently applied, and many times preferred, because of their additional reliable burning rate, which gives a more controlled heat source.

A lot of Dutch oven cooking goes on during the kitchens of America much too, illustrating the versatility of this piece of cookware. *(this is where an enamel cast iron Dutch oven is ok to use)

I particularly liked the online video showing Dutch ovens stacked atop each other, not anything I would suggest for a new camp prepare dinner.

Another thing that the videos made clear was the handiness of that iron Lid Lifter when working with a heavy Dutch oven. It should be included in your set of campfire tools.

Cooking Campfire Foods with Simple Camp Recipes

Being the camp cook could be gratifying, and a lot of fun, but it doesn t mean you might have to miss-out on the other activities you came to camp for. With a little foresight and planning your campfire foods can be delicious, and simple. That s the beauty of cooking with a heavy forged iron skillet. Due to its heavy cast metal construction it will transfer heat far more evenly without the danger of burning foods, as often happens with thinner cookware. There is extra metal to protect food stuff in the harshness from the heat source, it is much more of the gradual transfer of heat within the source for the meals.

Think of your tenting schedule and how a great deal of your respective tenting time you want to devote to cooking and preparation when choosing your camp foods. From simple to elaborate, the meal recipe choice is yours, and there are a lot of resources accessible to you for either choice. Just one source are the complete weekend camping meal menus out there at CampingwithGus.com

If you haven't noticed, pre-seasoned Lodge Logic Forged Iron Cookware is the brand of choice for most experienced camp cooks. Their quality never lets you down.

A Couple of Nice-to-Have Camp Cook dinner Accessories

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About the Author

G.A. Anderson was involved with Boy Scouts of America as an Assistant Scoutmaster for over six years.

"Our troop was a incredibly active tenting troop. We did a week-end camp-out once a month, rain-or-shine, and we also did two, week-long camp-outs during the summer. I was frequently "volunteered" to be the camp cook dinner, and enjoyed the task extra than I would let them know. And yes, our Boy Scout tenting gear was Lodge Logic solid Iron!"

One of our most valuable weekend tenting resources was our standard camping checklists. Each patrol experienced to complete checklists for their patrol box and personal gear ahead of they could load any gear. It is effective! It is really amazing what simple primary stuff, like a camp saw, could be forgotten without a checklist reminder.

For much more about the author, and to see his other writings:

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